Find a Good Landscaping Company in Texarkana, TX

Find a Good Landscaping Company in Texarkana, TX

Hire Francis Excavating to install new bushes, trees and more

Do you need a new landscape installed by a skilled crew? Don't settle for subpar work from amateurs. Hire the trusted team at Francis Excavating. Our landscapers are among the most qualified in Texarkana, Texas and the surrounding area. We can renovate every corner of your property - and we'll stand by the quality of our work. Our company can:

  • Prepare your property for landscaping
  • Design and build walkways and hardscapes
  • Use rip rap rocks to complete slope stabilization
  • Plant shrubs, bushes, plants, flowers and hydroseed
  • Install silt fencing, retaining walls, mulch and flowerbeds
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At Francis Excavating in Texarkana, TX, we're skilled at the latest erosion control techniques.

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